3 Ways Everyone Can Celebrate The Holiday Season

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Season greetings, Playa Babes and Bros! This time of year happens to be one of our favorites because, no matter what state we’re in, we’re all in a holiday state of mind. 


With all the festivities going on around us, we know that the holidays look a little different for everyone– different cultures, different family structures, different incomes, different locations. But there’s still something we all have in common, hope. So, with hope in hand, here are 3 ways everyone can celebrate the holiday season.


Start new traditions….


…. or, stick to your existing ones. 


We’ve all been physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged in one way or another this year. But, rather than focus on what a bummer it’s been, look on the bright side. Literally! By creating new, or sticking to existing, traditions you’ll help make the holiday season merrier for everyone. 


Research has proven that traditions not only boost happiness, but create feelings of closeness and positive anticipation. So whether you’re decking a hall, ringing in the new year, or simply gathering with loved ones, consider how you can recreate that moment every year. 


Playa tip: Pair our Winter Specials with your favorite holiday movie, and start a movie night! Like the North Pole Acai Bowl with The Santa Clause or the Avalanche Coconut Bowl with Frozen. You could even watch Shrek while sipping on the Gingerbread Smoothie


Focus on the little things


The holidays are a time for giving, but that doesn’t necessarily need a dollar sign attached to it. Sometimes a little effort goes a long way to show someone you care about them. Celebrate the holiday season in new ways. Place a long overdue phone call, write a heartfelt email, make a cup of coffee, help with chores, donate to St. Jude, or even just show up at their door. 


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Go on a mini adventure


Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or staying home, a great way to destress and celebrate the season is to take a mini adventure. Not only will you experience something new but you’ll indulge in a little self-care as well. Explore a new holiday display, go for a hike, stroll along the beach (our personal favorite). Take an hour or an entire day, it’s up to you!


Playa tip: With over 130 locations all across the United States, Playa Bowls is an adventure within itself. Since no two locations look exactly alike, it’s a great way to experience something new and familiar at the same time.


Did we just inspire you? We hope so! Tag us in your holiday traditions @PlayaBowls #WelcomeToPineappleland. From all of us at Playa Bowls: Seasons Greeting and Happy Holidays!


*at participating locations