5 Easy Ways to Get More Energy Out of Your Day

Ever since our cold-pressed juices have hit the shelves, Playa Babes and Bros all over have enjoyed a boost in health benefits–which includes more energy. That got us to think, what else can help us feel energized?


To kickstart a new year and make the most of every moment, here are five easy ways to get more energy out of your day so that you can chase the perfect wave (or year ahead).


Stick to your AM alarm

Imagine what would happen if you set an alarm and didn’t hit the snooze button (almost too good to be true, right?). But you can get more energy out of your day if you wake up with the first alarm you set in the AM. That’s because when you kick-start your day at the time you set out to you’re already amped up to get going. Whereas the ‘snooze button’ might send a subliminal message that sleep is better than whatever is ahead. 



From a big test to a rad surf sesh, stretching might be the mental boost you need to start your day, or give you energy really anytime. And you don’t have to be a yogi to do it. Basic stretches increase blood circulation to your muscles (especially those sore ones). And when you stretch you increase oxygen to both your brain and body, which fights that fatigued feeling. 


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Go for a walk

There’s no easier way to get more energy out of your day than a quick morning, mid-day, or evening walk (especially if you’re by a sandy beach). If you feel that dip in energy from school, work, or life in general try a few laps around the block. A few minutes in the sunshine and fresh air (even if it’s cold air) can easily reset your mind and boost energy levels. 


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Have device ‘downtime’

Do you ever feel mentally or socially drained after constantly checking your social media or texts? Between the FOMO and attempt to keep up with all that’s going on, your smart phone can actually be the reason for a dip in energy. To get more energy out of your day try setting aside some device downtime—a few minutes or hours where you put your phone, laptop, and other devices on “do not disturb” mode. 


Drink cold-pressed juice

You might be stoked to learn some of the benefits of cold-pressed juice. Unlike commercially bought juices, cold-pressed juice has more vitamins and minerals because they’re freshly squeezed from the fruit or vegetable. And our Playa Bowls cold-pressed juices pack a real punch of health. Some lower inflammation, are rich in fiber, boost immunity, protect your skin, can boost metabolism, and are a good source of vitamin C. Add these to your day to feel fueled and ready to go.


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