5 Easy Ways to Get More Energy Out of Your Day

Ever since our cold-pressed juices have hit the shelves, Playa Babes and Bros all over have enjoyed a boost in health benefits–which includes more energy. That got us to think, what else can help us feel energized?   To kickstart a new year and make the most of every moment, here are five easy ways […]

The Benefits of Pitaya

Pitaya, also known as Dragon fruit, is a pretty stellar superfood. On the outside, it has a bright pink hue covered with green scales (always a crowd-pleaser when it shows up at a party). On the inside, it tastes like a blend of kiwi and pear (yum!).      This delicious combo is why organic, […]

Easy Gifts That Everyone Will Love

The holiday season is a magical time of year, until the moment comes when you’re out of gift ideas. Work parties, family gatherings, Secret Santa with friends, the list of potential gift-exchanges can feel endless. But that’s where we have you covered.   Here are 5 easy gifts that everyone will love (you might even […]

Holiday Towns to Visit This Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And no matter what you celebrate there’s something we all have in common—that festive cheer. Because who doesn’t love the look of twinkly lights and winter wonderlands (real or fake)?    Here’s our list of the 10 best holiday towns to visit this season.   1. Bethlehem, […]

Winter Specials at Playa Bowls

Grab your sweaters and head to Playa! Winter Specials are BACK. We have allll of your favorites and brought the Apple Turn Up Cider Cold Pressed Juice from Fall into Winter. Our Winter Specials are available now through January 31st. Check out our specials below: BOWLS North Pole Acai Bowl- pure acai topped with blueberry […]

A Timeline of Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls built its foundation on açaí. But do you know our rad story? Here’s a timeline of how Pineappleland came to be, and how our açaí remains a staple ingredient that our Playa Babes and Bros can’t live without.    Spot the history of your location and celebrate with a healthy superfruit bowl!   […]

4 Ways You Can Give Back This Giving Season

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the day of gratitude, and Christmas shortly after, the day of gifting, it’s officially the giving season. That time of year when the world becomes a brighter place as we think of others before we think of ourselves. There’s even an entire day dedicated towards selflessness, celebrated worldwide, called Giving […]

The Perfect Fall Special Based on Your Favorite Fall Activity

The temperature has dropped and the leaves are changing, which means it’s officially fall season. As you create your list of activities–from picking pumpkins to scary movies–-you’re bound to be hungry along the way. So let’s dive into the perfect fall special based on your favorite fall activity.   Apple picking If you’ve waited all […]