Dispatch from the Playa: Summer 2018

Hope everyone’s summer has been filled with sunshine and good times! I wanted to post real quick to catch you up on what’s been a very busy and event-filled season for the Playa Bowls family. Summer 2018 in Pineappleland has been absolutely epic, to say the least! Let’s start with the new additions to the family.

In the past few months we have opened 20 (yes, 20!) brand new locations, stretching from Bronxville, New York all the way down the coast to Deerfield, Florida! I am amazed at how many people have embraced our dream and so thankful for all of those who have helped us spread the Playa lifestyle along the eastern seaboard. All of these locations can be found in our new and updated Franchise Location Finder. We are so thrilled to welcome each and every one of these new communities into our Playa Bowls family and have taken great care along the way to make sure that as our locations expand, we continue to consistently deliver the same local vibe and individual attention that defines our brand and the Playa Bowls experience.

As our family continues to grow, we are always looking for new ways and new technology to help us keep that close relationship with our valued customers, especially those who have helped us from the very beginning, when we were just a couple go-getters with a blender and a dream. On that note…! In the months to come, we will be rolling out the launch of our Playa Bowls Customer Loyalty app. Think of it as your very own Playa profile, where your favorite orders live, ready for repeat enjoyment with a quick click, whenever you like. Much more on that launch to follow – keep those eyes peeled!

In addition to our store openings, we participated in a number of community-building events along the coast, namely the Jersey City Food Truck Fest, the Summer Games at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, and Kidchella in Montclair. These sort of gatherings are what we are all about – opportunities to engage with our customers on a personal level, discuss what you enjoy most about our brand and what you’d like to see more of. If you’ve got an event in mind that you think we would fit well at, drop us a line. It’s all about bringing people together and enjoying the fruits of life!

On behalf of our entire Playa Bowls family, I’d like to extend a warm thank you to all our customers who have made this summer such an unforgettable one! We are getting prepped for an equally awesome fall and have a handful of seasonal specials to be released in stores October 1. More details on these to follow!