Fall Bowls Return (with friends!)

New season, new bowls! At Playa Bowls we love to keep things fresh and forward-thinking. In that spirit we’re releasing a bunch of Fall Specials. We will be adding four new bowls to our menu this season, including three beloved classics, two new oatmeal bowls and a brand new smoothie! All these will be available in your local store on October 1st.

A little info on each below to rev up those taste buds:

Our Apple Turn Up, Jack O Lantern and Harvest acai bowls will all be making their much-anticipated Fall return. Upping the ante for Fall 2018, we are also rolling out the ever-popular Apple Turn Up and Jack O-Lantern bowls out in a special Fall oatmeal variety, with an organic, steel-cut oatmeal base dressed up with perfect fall toppings like apples, cinnamon and pumpkin or apple butter.

Our Fall Specials will also include a delicious Banana Nut bowl – a banana base topped with coconut cashew butter granola, banana, blueberries, walnuts, figs, goji berries, maple syrup and peanut butter – and a Pumpkin Pie (right!?) smoothie blending banana, pumpkin butter, vanilla protein, pumpkin allspice, pumpkin granola and almond milk. Cozy up!

Digging seasonal specials?! Would you like to see more of these in the future?! Hit us up with your ideas! Email us at info@playabowls.com.