February’s Bae Bowl: It’s Love at First Bite

Bae Bowl

This February we are falling in love with something berry sweet. That’s right, our Bae Bowl is back! A delicious mix of pitaya base and stupid cupid base topped with blueberry flax granola, Driscoll’s strawberries, goji berries, coconut flakes, and pitaya infused white chocolate. For the entire month of February you can order our seasonal signature online, through our app and other delivery partners, or visit any of our locations. 

Bae Bowl Image

Hungry for more? Here are the reasons why the Bae Bowl is guaranteed to be love at first bite:


  1. Pitaya, also known as the Dragon Fruit, isn’t just pretty in pink. It comes with a whole host of benefits– magnesium, iron, fiber, vitamins C and B2, and is dense in antioxidants. It’s also great for digestive, skin, and hair health (yes please!). 


     2. The Playanola blueberry flax granola gives the Bae Bowl it’s crunch, but it also packs a powerful punch. It has a ton of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins C and K, omega-3 fatty acids, and even protein. Go ahead, dive right in.


    3. Strawberries are the heart of our Bae Bowl, and for good reason. This deep red fruit is linked to protecting against heart disease, and is rich in potassium. Here at Playa Bowls we only use the absolute best strawberries from Driscoll’s


    4. The goji berry adds a real personality to the Bae Bowl, but it also provides calmness and aids in better sleep. 


    5. The coconut topping might be flakey but its benefits certainly aren’t. It contains healthy fats, fiber, iron, and protein.


     6. To top it all off, pitaya infused white chocolate is the perfect self-indulgence. Side effects may include a strong sense of happiness.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bae and snag a Bae Bowl February 1 to 28th. 



Nutritional Information

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