Playa Bowls and Holistic Wellness: A Journey

Everyone needs a beach break every now and then, a place where you can unwind, slow down, and take a moment for yourself. Holistic wellness is an all-encompassing way to achieve this, considering physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual health. The journey of holistic wellness is not one-size-fits-all (Ask the Scientists, n.d.), no one person is the same, so it’s essential to embrace the flow of your own wave. 


As a community of surfers, we understand how it can feel like you’re grubbing through life, just hanging onto your board, bracing for the impact of the next wave, or rather, the challenges life may throw at you. That’s why taking care of yourself, and your body is so important, and establishing a routine will better help to prepare your body for the day ahead. 


No one knows this better than Abby, our CMO and Co-Founder, who grew up on the beaches of New Jersey. Pursuing her passions for the beach and surfing, she would go on her own discovery of holistic wellness, visiting the countries of Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica, and back home to California and Hawaii. Her travels led her to the delicious discovery of acai and its health benefits, but more importantly, the culture surrounding this superfruit. After a sweet barrel and maybe an elevator drop or two (to really get the heart rate up), she needed a way to refuel and give back to her body. She says, “After any surf session, refueling your body is of the utmost importance; while eating acai bowls, I loved that I could reenergize my body without feeling weighed down.” 


Acai berries grow in the Amazon in Brazil and are a staple of the food and culture of the ribeirinhos people (Greene, 2015). Pure acai is known for its earthy taste, au natural, if you will. However, here in the states, finding the right blend can be difficult. Here at Playa, we pride ourselves on our acai having fewer fillers and 50% more pulp – now that is sick! Acai is a staple ingredient in our recipes because it promotes a range of wellness benefits, including lowering oxidative stress, decreasing the risk of serious illness later in life, and supporting heart health (Ware, RDN, L.D., 2018). Since the origination of the Acai base bowl blend, Playa Bowls has made its mission to honor acai culture by infusing holistic wellness practices into the lives of our employees, customers, and surrounding local communities. 


We’re stoked to offer a variety of ingredients that offer health benefits that further impact our emotional wellbeing. However, holistic wellness realizes that emotional health also comes from interaction with others and our environment. Playa Bowls is all about human connection, which is why family values rest at the core of our company foundation! We consider family and loved ones to be the tail of our metaphorical surfboard as they are the ones that keep us balanced. That’s why we are so focused on community and giving back to those around us. But, we don’t stop there – we also take great care of our environment that provides us with so many of our fresh and wholesome ingredients. We’re in the business of sustainability and…pineapples. At Pineappleland, it’s about what we’re a part of when we leave the store – whether it’s using recycled material, participating in beach clean-ups, or just generally making decisions that positively impact the environment. 


Many of the ingredients blended or delicately sprinkled throughout Playa Bowl’s recipes offer a vast range of holistic health benefits, including energy-boosting, cell-healing, immune-stimulating, phytonutrient-packed, metabolism-stimulating, digestive-aiding, and body-detoxifying properties! At Playa Bowls, we realize that nutrition is a pillar of holistic wellbeing and requires a balanced meal that feeds your body and your mind (Ask the Scientists, n.d.). 


Come hang ten at your local Playa Bowls and join the clean wave eating movement. Start your holistic wellness journey, which is personal and customizable – just like our bowls. No matter your preference, including select ingredients and locations that offer dairy free, organic, and kosher. Once you’ve tasted one of our bowls or tropical smoothies, you’ll be ready to take off, whether that’s in the ocean or in life itself!



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