Playa Bowls x Back to School


Written by: Nikki On The Daily®


It may be back to school time but any true wave chaser knows that summer doesn’t really end until September 22nd. Plus, with Playa Bowls™ you can have a slice of summer anytime, all year round. You can even transport yourself right to the beach through our Belmar Surf Cam!


Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, we have three tips for making the most of the back to school season.


Soak Up The Sun

Remember when the 2020-2021 school year was spent staring at a computer screen because of remote learning? Luckily, and hopefully, those days are behind us. And just because summer is coming to an end and in-person classes have [thankfully] resumed that doesn’t mean you should rewind to being inside this back to school season.

Your eyes could benefit from being outdoors after all that screen time. Before the bell rings, during lunch, or once school lets out take time to get outside and soak up the sun (heck, dance in the rain a little if you don’t mind getting wet). It’s been proven that as little as 15-minutes of sunshine a day is not only fun but healthy!


Get Back Together

Back to school also means being back together. It’s a year to reunite with friends, teachers, colleagues. It even means a return to quality family time (before shared space was all of the space). Take time to enjoy the togetherness again.

So, sure, the hazy days of summer are behind us but the social re-connection is really just beginning. And there’s no better place to reconnect than in Pineapple land!


Fuel Your Body

There’s bound to be a little bit of an adjustment period this back to school season. And we don’t playa round.

Playa Bowls™ coffee is the boost you need from rise and shine to a midday perk you up. Choose from Playola Cold Brew— a chicory coffee concentrate (New Orleans Style); Coconut New Orleans Smoothie— banana, coconut base, chicory coffee concentrate, cacao nibs, and oat milk; or the Dolce Latte Smoothie— banana, peanut butter, chicory coffee concentrate, chocolate protein, and coconut milk. Plus, they’re all served up in cups made from recycled water bottles. It’s sustainable sipping!


Hungry? Snag some chocolate peanut butter and vegan chocolate peanut butter protein bites to grab and go for fuel at all hours of the day.


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