Red, White, and Pura Vida

Playa Bowls is proud to honor and celebrate all of the brave men and women who have served in our military with a FREE BOWL for Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day – November 11th (must present military ID to be eligible) . Please note this is being offered at participating locations only so check your local store’s Instagram to see if they’re on the list!


Military roots and pride for our country run strong and deep in the Playa Bowls brand. After all, our co-founder and CEO Rob Giuliani is an Air Force veteran himself! We are honored to have welcomed many brave veterans in the Playa community, including Rob’s brother and Fairfax, VA franchisee Jeff Giuliani. We sat down with both badass brothers to talk about their time in service, the evolving American dream, and how the knowledge gained from fighting for our country has propelled Playa Bowls forward.


PB: Why did you join the military? When did you join, and how long did you serve?

RG:  I joined the Air Force in 2001 while still in high school and served for nine years. Truthfully, it was a way for me to go to college and graduate with little to no debt. This [recommendation] came from my father. He did not have a military background, but his guidance was always trusted by me and my brothers.

JG: Personally, I joined the military for the same reason Rob did. My dad became a US citizen in his late 20’s when he came to the US from Rome, Italy.  His patriotism and love for the United States was what pushed his sons to go into the military and serve this great country. It was a small price to pay for the amazing opportunities this country afforded our family.


PB: What did you do for the military?

RG: I was an aircraft mechanic on the KC-135 stratotanker refueler.

JG: I was an Orthopaedic Surgeon and my wife was an Anesthesiologist during our time in the Army.


PB: How can you describe your time in service? — I know, that’s a hard one!

RG: The level of patriotism and love for my country became stronger and stronger while serving. The people I met along the way will never be forgotten.

JG: My time in service was extremely fulfilling. I served this country post 9/11 at a very pivotal time. My wife and I deployed to the Middle East several times over the course of this 15+ year war, working with Presidents, VP’s, Senators, Congressmen and women, along with our fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. I am very grateful that my service led me to meeting my wife, and I am proud of being able to care for the men,  women, and their families that sacrifice so much for others to be able to pursue the American Dream.


PB: How do the values learned from the military help you today? How do these values push Playa Bowls forward?

RG: My time in the Air Force taught me how to pay attention to detail and understand the true meaning of core values. Understanding right from wrong and having a meticulous eye has been the key to Playa Bowls’ success.

JG: Playa Bowls is the ultimate American success story. Abby and Rob have built this company from the ground up, and they did it on the shoulders of good employees. These are the same reasons why our military has seen so much success. As a franchisee, my job is to allow people to grow and recognize their accomplishments. It is also about providing just enough guidance to keep the team focused on our goals to grow the business. Like a military leader, being a franchisee owner for Playa Bowls is all about being a good communicator and learning how to lead people to their maximum potential.



We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Veteran’s Day from our Playa Family to yours!

– Rob Giuliani, Co-Founder & CEO Playa Bowls, Staff-Sergeant (E-5) USAF