Surfs Up: The latest updates from our Playa Bowl Surf Team

It’s been a hot summer for all of us in Pineappleland, as record-breaking temperatures hit once again. But that hasn’t stopped our Playa Bowl Surf Team from chasing their dreams, and the perfect wave. 


Here’s the latest news from our Surf Team’s Babes and Bros.


Ben Gravy finished his newest documentary, For the Dream,” where he describes how he went from a reckless youth to being a surf-spiration. Lately, he’s been home in New Jersey, where he just completed a personal challenge of surfing all 43 of the coastal beach towns in the state in a single 24-hour period. Stay stoked on all Ben is up to with his vlog.


Cruz Dinofa has been enjoying the summer in New Jersey where he hangs with friends on the beach, goofing around and creating fun games between breaks. Currently, Cruz is in Mexico for the first time as he searches for the long right hand point breaks.


Rob Kelly recently completed and premiered a new series with Surfline, “Uncharted.” In the series, Rob and filmmaker Ryan Simalchik dive into the polar extremes of surfing in the Northeast–from the bitter cold to the humid heat. Next, he’s boarding a plane to Brazil to work on a new PerfectSwell wave pool–set to be the biggest pool yet.


Thomas Ihnken has been working at Team Rider, fellow Playa Bowls Surf Team Member Sam Hammer’s camp–the Hammer Surf School. When he’s not there, you’ll find him surfing as often as possible as he enjoys a summer at home on the Jersey Shore.


Sam Hammer works at his surf camp on the Jersey Shore, Hammer Surf School. He’s just been enjoying summer and surfing every chance he gets. 


Casey Kwiecinski crushes her job, working for Playa Bowls. When she’s not at work, Casey spends nearly all of her time on the shore, surfing whenever she can and lifeguarding once a week throughout the summer.


Jessica Kwiecinski has been traveling the globe as a flight attendant, an adventurous job. When she’s not flying the friendly skies she lifeguards in her hometown and surfs every chance she gets.


Kepa Mendia hangs in California where he surfs everyday and trains for upcoming events. Kepa recently celebrated his 16th birthday. So, if you see him at your local Playa Bowls, be sure to wish him a happy birthday! 


Mia Gallagher lives out her summer days as she lifeguards on the jersey shore, races in paddling events, trains for upcoming events, and surfs as much as possible. Mia was also recently selected for the USA Surfing Junior National Team, a huge accomplishment. 


Brynn Gallagher has been surfing a lot, as she tries out new grovel boards and goofs  off on foamies with her dad. She also works with a trainer where she’s competed in some stellar contests like the Coquina Jam. When she’s not on the water you can visit Bryann at Playa Bowls, Ocean City. Drop in and say hello!


Balaram Stack has been traveling a bunch. He recently just got back from Mexico. 


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If you’re in the area, join all of the Playa Babes and Bros at the Belmar Pro September 9-11 and find us at the Sea.Hear.Now Festival September 17th and 18th as we sling bowls and rep all of Pineappleland.