What it Means to be a Playa Bowls Franchisee

So, you want to be a franchisee? That’s so rad! Are you passionate about health, wellness, community, and sustainability? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let us tell you what it means to be a Playa Bowls Franchisee. 


Playa Bowls is all about being hard-working, driven, passionate, playful, and authentic. We’re here to offer a health-conscious (and deliciously sweet) alternative for the summer beach goers or those with the mindset of an endless summer. The products you get to sell are unlike any other- here at Playa Bowls, summer never ends. You can practically taste the beach with each and every bowl. Being part of the Playa Bowls Franchisee family is super rewarding – you never work a day in your life if you love what you do!


Ultimately, we want to make an impact grow alongside our local communities. With each store that has opened, we want to build trust with our customers. In a world that’s so unpredictable, the Playa community is something they can depend on; it’s not just retail – it’s a personal investment. 


In this way, when you become a Playa Bowls Franchisee, you invest in the company, culture, and partnerships. If you’re looking for a community that’s going to continue growing, learning, and building alongside you, Pineappleland is the place for you. 


At Pineappleland, we blend vision, leadership, sustainability, and passion to create an ideal working environment driven by individual and collective passions that we pursue in and out of the water. In doing so, we’re able to connect and engage with those around them through compassionate and strategic communication. This, among other community-focused factors, is what has helped us grow from our first make-shift Playa Bowls location on the Jersey shore to a successful franchise with over 140 locations (and growing)! 


When you join the Playa Bowls family, you’ll have access to a plethora of resources, the first being your franchisee community. Learn from and grow with your fellow franchisees as you navigate your uncharted path through Pineappleland. 


You can also expect leadership, operational, and marketing support from our corporate office, as we place emphasis on consistency and authenticity. Essentially, you’ll never be going at it alone. 


If you’re a hardworking, sun-loving, and community-focused individual, then Pineappleland is the place for you!


Come join the community and build your own success. Being a franchisee never looked so tasty!