4 Easy Ways to Be Healthier in 2023

Health is important to all of our Playa Babes and Bros. Because being healthy gives you more energy to catch big waves in summer and take cool walks on the beach in winter.


You’ve read our food focused blog, “This or That: Playa Bowls Edition,” where we name some simple swaps to get ‘good calories’ (one way to be healthier). Now, we’re here with other easy ways to fill your day, that can benefit your health.


Here are four easy ways to be healthier in 2023.


Have a conversation

Yes, one of the easiest ways to be healthier in 2023 is to talk. Because we are social creatures, by nature, we crave conversation. But who knew that talking, whether to just ourselves or with someone else, came with actual benefits. When we say thoughts aloud, and hear the thoughts of others, we not only release stress but can improve how we behave overall. So, the next time you realize you’re talking to yourself, or too much with others, remember it’s a good thing!


Calm your mind

Between social media, the news, family, social lives, and work or school (or both) the world can be a hectic place. And your mind is no different, it reacts to the outside world. That’s why sometimes your mind just needs the pause button (or to shut down completely). How do you do this? Try meditation, or being still for a certain amount of time (try 10 minutes to start). You can do this literally anywhere you can sit still. Personally, we love the nearest beach but if you can’t get to one you can always play our endless Belmar Surf Cam in the background on any of your devices.


Go for a walk

Early in the morning, between obligations (classes, meetings, errands, phone calls, etc), or as you unwind after your day–there’s never a bad time to take a walk. But it’s more than an aim to get in those 10,000 steps a day. A walk is an easy way to be healthier in 2023 for both your mind and body. Go for 10 minutes or 30 minutes to clear your mind, increase your blood flow, and boost your mood. If it’s chilly outside just wear your Playa hoodie. Suddenly you’ll feel stoked for whatever the day brings.


Ditch the fast food

French fries? Pizza? Burgers? We love it all! But our bodies can only take so much of it before it becomes bad for us. Fortunately, wherever you are there’s likely a Pineappleland nearby. So, the next time you have a craving for fast food curb your hunger (and your Google Maps) to the nearest Playa Bowls. Our nutritional facts will make you feel better about the food choices you make. Your body and your belly will be thankful that you did.


With these suggestions, it’s easy to prioritize health in 2023. But if you need a little support just drop into your local Playa Bowls for a taste of that endless summer–good for the mind, body, and soul.