Celebrate National Acai Day with Playa Bowls

Celebrate National Acai Day with Playa Bowls: Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin Using Our Favorite Superfruit – the Acai Berry!  At Playa Bowls, we’re all about embracing the goodness of acai in every form, whether it’s in our delicious bowls or even in our skincare routines! That’s why this National Acai Day on Saturday, April […]

Dive into our ALL NEW Mango Bowls

Experience some of our most vibrant and tropical bowls yet at Playa Bowls, our ALL NEW Mango Bowls! This mango menu selection is made with fresh, sweet Alphonso Mangos, curated from India and features a different array of toppings providing a unique way to enjoy the freshest taste of tropical.   Menu items include: Mucho […]

We are spreading the love with our February Specials!

Love is in the air, and here at Playa Bowls, we are spreading the love with our February Specials! Take your pick from our delicious and satisfying Bae Bowl which is made with Half Playa Pitaya and Half Stupid Cupid Base, topped with blueberry flax granola, strawberries, coconut flakes, goji berries, and pitaya infused white […]

Chill out with our Winter Specials!

Winter is here and with it, a whole new range of delicious specials to enjoy. Our menu features a variety of winter-inspired items that are perfect for those who want to enjoy something sweet and healthy. Try our North Pole Acai Bowl, made with Playa Acai and topped with blueberry flax granola, banana, strawberry, Nutella, […]

Pumped for Benefits of Pumpkin

Written By Eden Davis, RDN LDN  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist  Co-founder of Pearl Wellness Practice    This fall, we’re spicing and leveling up our nutrient profiles with the great pumpkin. From navigating your way through a corn maze to catching some waves, our Fall Specials are sure to energize your autumn activities.   Protein There’s nothing […]

We’re falling hard for our Fall Specials 

Our fall flavors are officially back and we are feeling all the fall vibes. We’ve got our version of apple and pumpkin deliciousness, plus, pumpkin protein bites to pumpkin spice up your day. Take a look at our fall items below, grab your flannel, and head to Playa! BOWLS Apple Turn Up Acai Bowl- Playa […]

Playa Bowls x Vital Proteins Summer Special

This summer, Playa Bowls is stoked to partner with Vital Proteins to bring our Playa Fam the stellar benefits of Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides with our Summer Specials, which crashed onto shores June 1st, and last through Labor Day Weekend.  What are the benefits of collagen? Collagen makes up approximately 30 percent of the protein […]

We’re bringing it WAY back

We’re bringing it WAY back this July with our FREE Cold Brew promotion! In years past, our OG Playa fam knows, we used to have punch cards! These punch cards were our version of a rewards program. We thought we’d throw it back to the old days and help our Playa fam sip into summer […]