4 Reasons to Love Our Newest Playa Bars

Summer is just heating up and we’ve got a brand new item that will help you maximize your energy without slowing down. Playa Babes and Bros, meet the new Acai +Strawberry Playa Bar. 


We created this Playa Bar as a healthy alternative to the mindless grab-and-go snacking that hardly leaves you satisfied. Whether you’re headed to the beach, work, or about to take that road trip you’ve waited for, when hunger hits you want to bite into something delicious and nutritious.


While we’d love to let the Acai + Strawberry do the talking for us, here are four reasons to pick up the new Playa Bar at your nearest Playa Bowls location.


Packed with protein

Protein is essential for muscle recovery (you can use this fun tool to see how much protein you should get in a single day). Our new Acai + Strawberry Playa Bar has 10g of protein and only 180 calories per package. That’s roughly a fifth of your daily protein intake, which can equate to a quicker muscle recovery period after those long summer days.


Made with care

The average snack bar can have anywhere from 10-15g of sugar (processed or natural). Fortunately, our bars are made in California with real ingredients from Brazil and contain only 5g of sugar. While other bars can have shelf life for years (no thank you), the Acai + Strawberry Playa Bar has a real expiration date that you will see right on the wrapper. That’s because it’s Safe Quality Food certified (SGF), a certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute that ensures high quality and consistent standards across the globe.


It’s a super fruit 

The acai berry is a superfood that packs a nutritious punch with every bite. It’s high in antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. Meanwhile, the strawberry comes with its own super benefits–antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, folates, potassium, and magnesium. These two fruits combine to make a super snack that’s far healthier than any bag of chips.



Just like our Coconut Protein Bites, the Acai + Strawberry Playa Bar is the ultimate grab-and-go snack. Get one for yourself. Or, grab a bunch for your friends and show up to the beach with food you can all enjoy as you catch those waves.


Our newest snack drop will hit shelves in stores on July 22nd in Playa Bowls locations nationwide. Be one of the first to try it and show us some love on Instagram by tagging us and using #Playabars