5 Reasons We’re TOATALY Crazy for Oatmeal


National Oatmeal Day is on October 29 and, while not everyone is as enthusiastic as our Playa babes and bros, we can think of a few reasons you’ll want to celebrate. 


Besides being one of the most versatile foods in the world (you can eat it really anytime— as a meal or as dessert— and use it as a base for a ton of foods), oatmeal is delicious and nutritious. 


Hungry for more? Dig into these 5 benefits of oatmeal. 

Plus! Choose the Playa Oatmeal Bowl that fits your Halloween personality at the end!


  1. Lowers cholesterol 


Cholesterol is one of those words that sounds old, but doctors actually start to monitor those levels before the teen years (who knew!). And keeping those numbers low can reduce your risk of heart disease down the line. 


  1. Good for the gut


Oatmeal has something called healthy gut bacteria, thanks to a special type of beta-glucan fiber. But what’s that mean, really? Basically, eating oatmeal creates a better environment in your gut. It feeds it good bacteria, which in turn leads to feeling fuller faster (and longer), reduces belly fat, and can help you maintain a happy, healthy weight.


  1. Contains antioxidants


A single cup of oatmeal a day is not only chock full of antioxidants on its own, but throw in some of our toppings (like blueberries) and you’ve got yourself a power bowl!


  1. Lowers blood sugar


Remember the beta-glucan fiber in oatmeal we mentioned above? Turns out, it also lowers blood sugar. How sweet is that?


  1. Great for skin


These days a lot of skin creams have started to use oatmeal. While it’s not the kind of oatmeal you can eat (we don’t recommend doing a taste test with your skincare), it still gives skin a certain glow as it moisturizes, exfoliates, and cleanses.

Ready for some results? Cozy up this National Oatmeal Day, and everyday, with our Oatmeal Bowls based on your favorite Halloween movie!


Casper: #2 Strawberry, blueberry, sliced almonds


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Jack O Lantern Oatmeal Bowl: banana, pumpkin butter & pumpkin spice


Hocus Pocus: #3 Chocolate protein, banana, peanut butter


Goosebumps: #5 Banana, walnut, cinnamon, and figs


Halloweentown: #1 Strawberry, banana, coconut flakes, nutella


Double, Double Toil and Trouble: #4 Maple and brown sugar


The Nightmare Before Christmas: Apple Turn Up Oatmeal Bowl: banana, apple slices, apple butter, chopped peanuts & cinnamon


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