5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy During COVID-19

Despite the chaotic energy everyone is feeling during this pandemic, we here at Playa Bowls have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure our Playa bros and babes stay safe, healthy, and happy.



To follow the government’s request to stay inside, have your Playa Bowls favorites delivered to your doorstep.You can order through our delivery partners. Our products and packaging are 100% clean and home-friendly, and if you have any questions about how we’re handling matters in our stores, feel free to check out the message from our founders.



Sleep deprivation and stress overload can increase the cortisol hormone, which takes a toll on your immune system. Don’t stress about this fact! Just go to sleep early, sleep in, or take a nap or two throughout the day. Trust us, you’ll like the surprising benefits of catching those z’s. A few include increased brain function, improved memory, a healthier heart, greater athletic performance, weight loss, and better germ fighting. So get those 8+ hours of sleep, everyone!



Select Playa Bowls locations are providing free ginger-lemon immunity booster shots! If you’re feeling well, come in and snag one! Lemon and ginger are super beneficial for maintaining a strong immune system, clearing your digestive system, and detoxing your body.

Immunity boosting foods on our menu include acai, kale, pitaya and citrus fruits. Eating these foods can provide you with extra vitamin C, antioxidants and nutrients that help your immune system in this tough time. Try a Playa Juice for a midday pick-me-up or grab your favorite acai bowl so you’re stocked up with the goods! We have a wide variety of these items on our menu and can customize any order to your liking.

Other immunity-boosting foods you should include in your fridge include elderberry, colorful vegetables such as broccoli and red peppers. spinach, sweet potatoes, garlic, turmeric, and green tea.



Do you have enough food for you and your loved ones for two weeks? How about your vitamins, herbal teas, medical supplies, and other supplements? Make a checklist for yourself, and get it done! Preparing for any and all possibilities can be a great stress reliever. If your local foodstore has a line out the door or your pharmacy ran out of your favorite supplements, don’t worry! Amazon still delivers, and check your local stores to see if they provide delivery options.

Let’s be real, keeping up with the news on this pandemic has been stressful, but it is important to stay knowledgeable. To remedy any fear or anxiety from the heaviness of the media, find some light-hearted content to watch or read. Take a look at all of the funny memes on social media, embark on Lizzo’s meditation on her Instagram profile, and talk to your friends and family. This leads us to–



Social distancing is necessary (and temporary), but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone! FaceTime your loved ones. Create group messages with your friends and family. Assemble a community that can help those more susceptible to the virus like writing virtual letters to patients in nursing homes or delivering groceries to a neighbor in need (but only if you’re feeling 100% healthy!).

Take a few minutes out of your day to talk to a loved one about whatever worries or stressors you may be experiencing. Or just send gifs of puppies and acai bowls all day! Despite the physical separation, we are all experiencing this together, so let’s *virtually* connect with one another through love, support, and kindness.

Most importantly, stay in touch with yourself. This is a great opportunity to look within, create any new goals you want to achieve, or start a hobby like drawing, learning how to play the guitar, cooking — anything that sparks your curiosity! Added here is a coloring sheet made by CMO and Playa Bowls co-founder, Abby Taylor to add to your new list of hobbies and ways of letting go of the stresses of coronavirus. Click here to download!

Although the unknowns of this pandemic can feel scary, we at Playa Bowls are here to nourish your body with healthy foods and ease your mind with the knowledge that you are not alone.

Stay healthy, happy, and safe Playa bros and babes!