7 Ways We Practice Company Wide Sustainability

earth day photo

We embrace sustainability as a core value of our business and continue to prioritize corporate social responsibility. To celebrate all of our environmentally forward accomplishments, this National Cold Brew Day we have an epic partnership going on with Chobani. On April 20th any Playa Bowls loyalty customer who spends $11 or more will earn a free 16oz Sweet Cream Cold Brew– online, in-store, and via our app! 


But we couldn’t celebrate without you, our loyal customers. You inspire us to take care of our planet and be a better company. Thanks to all of our Playa Babes and Bros, Earth Day is everyday at Playa Bowls. 


Here are 7 ways all of our Playa Bowls locations practice sustainability.


1. Our cups and lids are made of PLA plastic

Polylactic acid, also known as PLA, is a thermoplastic monomer derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane, which makes them 100% certified compostable. So once you’re done with your cold brew, smoothie, or juice you can feel comfortable tossing the cup and lid into a local compost bin.


2. We use phade® straws

It took a plastic straw in a turtle’s nose to get the world to see how plastics pollute our oceans. But that single point of awareness matters, because plastic straws are one of the most common items collected on coastal cleanups, and one of the most avoidable.

We don’t expect our customers to go strawless, that’s why our straws are phade. It’s the first marine biodegradable straw that performs like a plastic straw but with eco-friendly advantages. Made from canola oil, it’s soil biodegradable, and home and industrial compostable. 


3. We carry eco spoons

All of your Playa Bowls favorites come with eco spoons, made from corn, and are compostable. 


4. Even the bowls are recyclable

We couldn’t serve our customers delicious bowls (no matter what base) without also doing our part for the environment. All of our bowls are made from rPET plastic. That means 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate from items such as water bottles and food containers. The best part? You can recycle them again once you’re done! 


5. We use LED technology 

Each one of our new Playa Bowls locations has LED technology, which uses up to 75% less energy than regular light fixtures.


6. Our stores are made of reclaimed materials

You know that signature white wood in all of our locations? It’s repurposed! The wood actually comes from old family farms across the United States, and other commercial buildings. As a matter of fact, most of the small details that make up the Playa Bowls experience are made of reclaimed materials. 

Fun fact: The corrugated metal, used as the roofing of our stores, was first used by the French in the mid-1800s before it made its way to the US in the late-1800s.


7. All employees are local

All of our 140+ locations are employed with local, familiar faces to their Playa Bowls location. It’s a way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to foster healthier, happier communities. 



Our partnership with Chobani is more than about just good oat milk (although, that would be reason enough). Like us, Chobani is also committed to be environmentally conscious. The company is Fair Trade Certified, tracks greenhouse gas emissions, and cares about both the farmers and animals it obtains its ingredients from. Our Cold Brew alignment comes from shared values for today, and everyday, as we remain steadfast in our commitment to a more sustainable future.  


As you celebrate National Cold Brew Day with a free 16oz Sweet Cream Cold Brew– (online, in-store, and via our app), and Earth Day, grab your own Playa Bowls smoothie in our PLA plastic cups, or try Chobani milks in a few of our spring specials. And feel confident that your purchase is an environmentally conscious one.