A Salute to Veterans and Our Co-Founder

veterans day

This Veterans Day, our Playa Bowl family wants to invite all veterans to enjoy some red, white, and blueberries with a free bowl of their choosing. It’s our way to show appreciation to those who put their lives on the line for all of us. But our connection to veterans goes beyond a single day. It’s year round– our Co-Founder and CEO Rob Giuliani is a U.S. Air Force veteran himself (along with many of our employees, franchisees and customers).


So, what better way to honor a veteran than by learning more about the one in our very own Playa family? Let’s #GoBowlsDeep with Rob Giuliani:


How do you celebrate Veterans Day?  

Rob Giuliani: I watch the most badass military movies like Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, and American Sniper  and think about how lucky we are to have heroes like these men and women who protect this awesome country. 


Those are some great movies you listed. What’s your favorite military aviation film to watch? 

RG: Top Gun Is the classic go-to but Memphis Belle is probably my favorite.

Harry Connick Jr’s first movie! Since you know and love aircrafts, can you recognize military aircrafts from the ground? 

RG: Yes, most of the time, especially in New Jersey. I know where the planes are coming from and where they’re going. 

Speaking of coming and going (and Jersey traffic), as a former aircraft mechanic [on the KC-135 stratotanker refueler], can you also fix cars? 

RG: I’m not formally trained on fixing cars but the basic principles of aircraft mechanics sometimes help out when I’m in a jam.

What’s your favorite aircraft?

RG: While I was in the Air Force I was able to see some real badass airplanes in person– and in use! The A10 warthog is my favorite and it’s one of the oldest combat planes In action. They sometimes call it the ‘tank buster’.


Time for some quick thinking. The best thing someone can say to a veteran is….. 

RG: Thank you. Duh!

The one thing you wish people understood about veterans is…..

RG: They truly love this country and would do anything to serve it.


A skill you learned while you served that you still use on a regular basis….

RG: Leadership and attention to detail. 


If your job as an aircraft mechanic was a Playa Bowl food, what would it be? 

RG: I would have to say any of our foods, as they are all good fuel for our body. But specifically acai because it’s my favorite and fuels all of the Playa Bowls . 


From our employees to our customers, thank you to all of our veterans. We salute you.


Free bowls to veterans on Thursday, November 11 in store only and at participating locations. Must present military ID to be eligible.