ALL NEW: Playa Cold Pressed Juices are here!

Get hyped and thirsty because we have an all new line of COLD PRESSED JUICES! We have five delicious flavors and two wellness shots. We have been working to perfect these bad boys for some time now and we are SO STOKED to finally share them with you all.

Our cold press juices are available at all Playa Bowls locations, as well as though our online ordering system and through delivery partners.

Check out the line up below!


Daylight Detox

Filtered water, organic lemon, simple syrup, dragon fruit puree, ginger, fo-ti root, cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt // high in fiber and promotes a healthy gut.


Green Barrel

Pineapple, apple, chard, celery, kale, ginger, spirulina and wheatgrass // eliminates toxins and boosts your metabolism.


Orange Surf Quencher

100% all natural fresh oranges // good source of vitamin C.


Blue Mermaid Wave

Filtered water, organic lemon, simple syrup and blue spirulina // rich in antioxidants and protects the skin.


Wellness Warrior

Appel, carrot, lemon, ginger, beet, turmeric and cayenne // helps to boost your immune system.


Elderberry & Ginger Bomb Wellness Shots

Elderberry Shot- apple, organic lemon, elderberry and cayenne pepper // helps to boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

Ginger Bomb- orange, ginger, lemon, Himalayan salt and oregano extract // improves digestion and boosts immunity.


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