Dive into our ALL NEW Mango Bowls

Experience some of our most vibrant and tropical bowls yet at Playa Bowls, our ALL NEW Mango Bowls! This mango menu selection is made with fresh, sweet Alphonso Mangos, curated from India and features a different array of toppings providing a unique way to enjoy the freshest taste of tropical.   Menu items include: Mucho […]

The Health Perks of Sipping a Cold Brew Coffee

In Pineappleland, we love water. We love to drink it, surf it, hang by it, and play around in it. But as delicious as water is sometimes we need something a little stronger to get us through the day. That’s when we turn to coffee and our delicious cold brews for a spike in energy […]

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Ask Abby

Every March women around the world are celebrated as Women’s History Month takes over. What started as Women’s History Week back in the early 1980s, in only the United States, has now grown into a global movement and month-long celebration. Today, women of all backgrounds, religions, and colors are honored for their progress and contributions. […]

What’s in a name?

We have some cool stories behind some of the names of our menu items–especially those bowls that everyone knows and loves. Sure, some are straightforward like the “Strawberry banana smoothie.” But others carry a certain memory and meaning that we wanted to share with all of our Playa Babes and Bros.   Here are 10 […]