Celebrating Partnerships

As a company with over 150 locations nationwide, we take pride in three key things—our commitment to sustainability, our customers, and our community. Every year we’re stoked to partner with organizations that share a similar mindset so that we can deliver some truly stellar experiences. 


Whether on a localized or national level, each partnership is a reflection of who we are as a company (that’s why we partner with companies and organizations with similar values). But more than that, each partnership is a reflection of what matters to our community.


Here are five partnerships we are celebrating right now.


1. USA Surfing

In spring 2022 Playa Bowls became an official partner of USA Surfing’s Prime Series and Championship. As part of the partnership, we helped to create the “Most Stoked” award that recognized one outstanding surfer at each event that showed leadership skills, sportsmanship, congeniality, and a genuine love for surfing. With a Playa Bowls Surf Team of our own, teaming up with USA Surfing was a dream come true that allowed us to really spread the message of Pineappleland. 


“We want to reward a competitor that shows all around stoke and love for the sport, not just the competitive edge,” our Co-founder Abby Taylor said. “The winner at each event will demonstrate the going-for-it-attitude that started our company.”


2. Chobani

We can’t get enough good vibes or tastes, that’s why Playa Bowls partnered with Chobani to use their products in each of our locations. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, check out our Fall Specials! We will use Chobani’s Pumpkin Sweet Cream for the delicious Pumpkin Sweet Cream Cold Brew and we will work with them for National Coffee Day on Saturday, October 1st (in the same way we partnered with them on National Cold Brew Day). You could say it’s one of the sweetest partnerships we’ve ever done!


3. Little Words Project

Who couldn’t use a little more kindness in their lives? When Little Words Project, a company that creates positive messages on bracelets and encourages them to be passed on, hosted its grand opening in Pier Village Playa Bowls was front and center with our support. We provided juice and coffee specials to guests (in the past, we hosted an Insta-giveaway). Because sometimes all it takes is one nice word to brighten someone’s day.


4. Mario Badescu

If you’ve ever had our aloe and collagen blend, you know how important sunkissed, healthy skin is to us in Pineappleland. That’s why skincare lovers raved about the Playa Bowls partnership with Mario Badescu Skin Care. In our Insta-giveaway one lucky winner received a $150 gift card from each brand. It was an exciting company to work with, especially because they recently came out with an acai lip balm (our personal favorite). 


5. Move for Hunger

Move for Hunger is an organization that started locally in New Jersey (where Playa Bowls was started) and expanded to become a nationwide effort. When our co-founder Abby Taylor discovered that Move for Hunger donated dry goods left over from moving to the needy, Playa Bowls became involved. That’s why this November we are encouraging customers to visit any Playa Bowls location and drop off non-perishable food items, or make a donation, to assist the hungry this Thanksgiving season. Snap a pic and tag us on social media to share the good you’re doing and we might just post it up on our page!


Fun fact: Abby went to high school with Move for Hunger’s founder!



Each partnership formed, past and present, brings our Playa Babes and Bros together. As you join us in each of these opportunities we encourage everyone to have fun, get involved, and pass on the pura vida vibes! If you have an idea for us, we welcome new partnership proposals any time of year. Our Pineappleland is your Pineappleland.