Easy Gifts That Everyone Will Love

The holiday season is a magical time of year, until the moment comes when you’re out of gift ideas. Work parties, family gatherings, Secret Santa with friends, the list of potential gift-exchanges can feel endless. But that’s where we have you covered.


Here are 5 easy gifts that everyone will love (you might even buy them for yourself!): 


Playa gift cards and e-gift cards 

What do you get the nitpicky person on your list? Or the person you don’t know all that well? A Playa Bowls gift card. It’s an easy gift that everyone will love because they can use it however, and whenever, they want. Not only can they use it to shop online, but our gift cards can be used at any Playa Bowls location all over the country.


Plus, you can decide how much you spend (up to $100). Pink Elephant gift exchange? Playa gift card. Friend who lives in another state? Playa gift card. Courtesy appreciation to the mail carrier or Amazon delivery driver? Playa gift card!


Endless summer activity kit 

For the kids, our Endless Summer Activity Kit is good for pretty much all ages (we bet you’ll end up stealing it for yourself). It’s 20 action packed pages of fun that includes the endless summer activity book, a Playa Bowls sticker sheet (to put all of your SOTMs [sticker of the months]) and colored pencils. Each page a different design to bring back those long-lost days of sand, surf, and sun.


Playanola and honey 

Playanola and honey is an easy gift everyone will love, especially the foodies on your holiday list. Let them take Playa Bowls home with them to make creations right from the comfort of their own kitchen.


Each 1lb bag of Playanola has our famous blueberry flax granola. And when you gift our honey, combined they go great for those healthy smoothies and yogurts. Or they can snack on Playanola on the go!


Playa Swag

Clothes shopping can be downright difficult, unless its Playa Bowls clothes. Our swag is perfect for anyone, anywhere that loves a good beach day. And the pineapple is the symbol for hospitality. Get them something cozy with our beanies and hoodies or go light with a graphic tee and ballcap. Joggers and socks (socks they’ll want to open)? We got those too. Choose from our entire swag store


Holiday Bundles*

Gift boxes are one of the biggest gift-giving crazes today. And for good reason, it’s multiple gifts in one. Our Playa Bowls Holiday Bundles keep on giving. There are four options to choose from, at a range of prices: 


  1. Pineappleland Bundle ($65): a Playa crewneck or zip up, Playanola, and artisan honey jar
  2. Surfs Up Bundle ($50): Playa crewneck or zip up and Playanola
  3. Aloha Bundle ($45): Playa t-shirt or tank, Playanola, and artisan honey jar
  4. Tropical Bundle ($35): Playa t-shirt or tank and Playanola


Each one of these is wrapped in a rad Playa Gift Box. Plus, they’re available through December 31st, for those post-Christmas gift exchanges.


*Holiday Bundle gift boxes are available at select locations



However, and with whoever, you celebrate this holiday season, we want to send a big wave of warm wishes from all of us in Pineappleland.