Happy National Açai Bowl Day

Celebrate National Açai Bowl Day on Thursday, April 6th with us in Pineappleland! Rewards members will receive $5 off any of our Acai Bowls all day long*. You can redeem it in person, online, or via our mobile app.

Because when it comes to açai, we take it seriously.

As the açai experts, our founder’s dove head first into why they love this super berry and how it inspired them to open a make-shift pop-up that would lead to a nationwide franchise. But there’s so much more to açai than the purple coloring that meets the eye (which also makes for great Instagram pics).

Fun fact: If you’ve ever tried raw açai, it’s actually bitter and earthy! That’s because it is extremely low in sugar (great for health, not so much for tastebuds). But we found a way to make it absolutely delicious.

Açai is considered a super fruit for a reason. It’s low in sugar, high in fiber, and rich in antioxidants. It may even improve brain function and fight cancerous diseases! Plus, it’s nutrient dense. So each Playa Bowl that you order is packed with more than flavor, there are some serious health benefits.

A stellar start to super fruit

In 2018 we decided to take things one step further in our açai journey. After a serious brainstorming sesh, we introduced our proprietary Playa Acai. This special blend is harvested from palm trees in the Brazilian Amazon (trees that can grow to over 95 feet high!). Once harvested, the açai berry is cleaned and sorted. Then, the skin is separated from the seed and the pulp is placed into large drums. From these large drums, the berry is mashed into the Playa Açai our Playa family can’t get enough of.

Fun fact: Our Playa Açai contains 70% pulp compared to only 30% in most other acai products. That means more health benefits (like less sugar).

We açai the bigger picture

As “NJ’s Original Açai Shop,” we’ve grown to 170+ locations with the same love for the berry as when we first began. That’s because all of our açai products are pure, and never blended with banana or apple juice (which accounts for the high sugar content in competitor products). The best part? All of our Playa Açai is guaranteed fresh, and stored for 21 days or less (that’s less time than most items in people’s freezers at home). So no matter where you are in Pineappleland, from Florida to Colorado, you’ll get a real taste for the super fruit that started it all.

Fun fact: Want to discover your favorite bowl? Just ask our 2023 Playa Bowls Surf Team.

Playa Perks this National Açai Bowl Day

This year, celebrate National Açai Bowl Day with us! All Loyalty Members will get $5.00 off all açai bowls this National Açai Bowl Day*! Order through the app to get the Playa Perk sign-up before or that day.

*Valid 4/6/23 only. offer available through playa rewards only. Must be a playa rewards member to redeem in shop, online or via our mobile app. One time use only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. No substitutions. Valid only at participating locations. Not valid for use on delivery orders placed outside of the Playa Bowls rewards app.