Helping Heroes Initiative

Playa Bowls’ Helping Heroes Initiative Has Began, And Here’s How You Can Help!

At the end of March, the Sea Girt Playa Bowls team immediately took action for their local heroes working anywhere but home. They began a GoFundMe fundraiser that gave Playa bros and babes the opportunity to donate bowls to the incredible local medical and first responder staff working the front lines of the pandemic. Not only have they surpassed their monetary goal by double, but Playa Bowls Sea Girt’s generous idea spread like wildfire within the Playa community.


A plethora of Playa Bowls locations are now coming together to participate in the Helping Heroes Initiative to help our amazing medical and hospital staff, police officers, grocery store employees, and the elderly in our communities stay healthy and strong. So far, we have had an amazing turn out! Stores like Playa Bowls Toms River are also surpassing their goal amount of donations, and the numbers keep going up!


Our goal is to maintain the Helping Heroes Initiative’s successful numbers, and we need your help! For all of you Playa bros and babes who want to participate, there are two ways you can donate:


Your first option is to order online at Pick your favorite or nearest location, click on the Helping Heroes section, and choose the package of your choice. Please note that every location provides different options and not all stores are participating.


The second choice is to visit your favorite Playa Bowls’ GoFundMe page. All you have to do is check out your local Playa Bowls’ Instagram page, click the link in their bio, and donate any amount you desire! Note that $10 is one bowl for a hero!


This may be a scary, uncertain time for the world, but kindness, generosity, and instilling gratitude is the greatest way to combat fear. We at Playa Bowls are thankful for our local heroes who are working hard everyday to keep us all healthy and safe. And, we are grateful for all of you Playa bros and babes for staying home, Netflix and Playa bowl-in’, and donating our superfood and nutrient-packed bowls to our incredible heroes who could use that extra healthy and tasty boost.


Don’t forget to check out the 5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy During COVID-19 if you need an inspiring boost of positivity, and take a look at the Family Packs we’re offering if you need to donate a few bowls or smoothies to yourself as well!


Stay happy, healthy, and generous Playa bros and babes!