Introducing Playa Acai

Acai – pronounced ahh-sigh-eee – is an antioxidant-rich superfruit that grows in hanging bunches on the giant palm trees along the Amazon River in Brazil. They are the tasty, healthy staple upon which this brand was built. The only edible part on the berry itself is the skin which surrounds a large seed. Pure acai has a very earthy, bitter taste and is naturally very low in sugar filled with fiber and healthy fats. This skin of the berry is called pulp which is what the acai that fills our bowls is made from.

As part of our ongoing effort to deliver a healthy, sustainable, and consistent product to our customers we have linked up with one of the largest suppliers of Acai in Brazil to formulate our very own signature Playa Acai blend! The acai pulp is we use is now shipped to our manufacturing facility in Elizabeth where it is then carefully and skillfully turned into the signature Playa Acai blend you all know and love. In this way, the pulp we use in our end product is fresher and goes through a less strenuous process before it ends up in your bowl.

Our Playa Acai blend has less fillers and about 50% more pulp than other brands in the industry. Packed with tons of antioxidants, anti-aging properties and vital nutrients, Acai is a way of life in Brazil and we are excited and proud to have been the ones to introduce it to so many new consumers on the East Coast. (A customer base that continues to grow thanks to the hard work and dedication of our franchisees!) With our new signature blend, directly imported for use in our Playa Bowls locations, we have even more control over our product, helping us further ensure that we are delivering the absolute best, freshest acai available in the region.

But hey, why don’t ya come taste for yourself!