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5 Fun Facts About Stickers


It seems stickers are pretty much everywhere these days— when we vote, on the cars we drive, smacked on the side of public property, on our mail, the labels of our food. So, in 2022 we launched our Stickers of the Month as a collectable way to bring a piece of Playa home with you. Because who doesn’t love a colorful decal that represents a part of their personality? Sure, you love our swag, but you can’t stick a t-shirt on your notebook/surfboard/backpack and carry it everywhere you go (at least, not that we’ve seen– yet). 


It turns out, stickers aren’t just for kids. Here are 5 fun facts about stickers to get your collection going:


  1. Archeologists believe the first sticker was used in Ancient Egypt to display the price of sold goods 
  2. In 1837 the first postage stamp adhesive was invented by Rowland Hill, and released in England
  3. A man named Forest Gill introduced the first bumper sticker in 1946 and was made popular by tourism sites as a way to advertise 
  4. The popular, “Hello my name is” sticker first came out in 1959
  5. 102,317: the record number of stickers in a single collection (think you can beat it?)


So, what are you waiting for? Head into your local Playa Bowls during the first days of each month to grab the Sticker of the Month before they’re gone!


Show us your collection! For a chance to be featured on our page, tag @playabowls #welcometopineappleland and let us see what inventive places you’re stickin’ it to.