The Perfect Playa Coffee For Your Personality

Most Americans drink coffee on a regular basis, but no two coffee drinkers are alike. Some prefer it the moment they wake up, while others prefer a perk-me-up as a way to cool off after a long day. Many drink it black and then there are those who crave that milk and sugar. But no matter how you take your coffee, or when, there’s a coffee style for everyone out there.


Here’s how to choose the best Playa Bowls coffee to match your personality.


Coconut Cold Brew (Summer Special): The Adventurer

Chicory coffee concentrate (New Orleans style) with coconut and choice of milk


If you love adventure and find yourself chasing that endless summer the Coconut Cold Brew is your go-to. This coffee pairs well with a carefree, wakes up to watch the sunrise, somehow finds themselves at the perfect waterfall personality. You’ll discover this Playa Babe or Bro caffeinating up in the early morning, just after the sun is fully into the sky.


Coffee talk: Did you know 70% of Americans drink coffee every week and 62% drink coffee every day? That’s a lot of coffee beans!


Coconut New Orleans Smoothie: The Night Owl

Banana, coconut base, chicory coffee concentrate, cacao nibs and oat milk


Similar to the adventure side of the Coconut Cold Brew, the Coconut New Orleans Smoothie is meant for the late-night adventurer. This person loves live music, driving for hours to find the right spot for sunset, and they might even skinny dip in the water when the full moon is out. They love to sip their smoothie right as the sun goes down, to give them that extra energy before the night rolls in.


Coffee talk: Do you love your morning cup o’ Joe? If you wake up between 6 AM to 8 AM, the best time to have your first cup of coffee is between 9 AM and 11 AM.


Sweet Cream Cold Brew (now a permanent item on our menu!): The Influencer

Chicory coffee concentrate (New Orleans style) with sweet cream creamer and oat milk


Whether it’s midday brunch or live music at their favorite hang out, the Sweet Cream Cold Brew favors the personality that is laid-back on weekends and ready for a fun time with friends. This person tends to have a solid social media following, and can produce reels better than most of the people they know. That’s why you will likely find a cup of this brew on their Instagram stories as they head out for the day– #SweetCreamColdBrew.


Coffee talk: Coffee is actually healthy for you (win-win). It could lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, Alzheimers, colon cancer, Parkinsons, and heart disease.


Playola Cold Brew: The Worker Bee

Chicory coffee concentrate (New Orleans Style) and choice of milk


For the more serious, but dedicated, personality, the Playola Cold Brew is your ideal perk-me-up. Because of its no-frills style, the Playola captures the energy of the person who loves their day job, always has a to-do list, and keeps a five-year plan on hand at all times. You can find this person sipping their brew every morning at the same time as part of their daily routine.


Coffee talk: Crave coffee but also need sleep? Make sure to have your last sips six to 10 hours before bedtime.


Dolce Latte Smoothie: The Fitness Addict

Banana, peanut butter, chicory coffee concentrate, chocolate protein and coconut milk

Do you love an endorphin high? The Dolce Latte Smoothie is for the Playa Babe or Bro that is constantly active. This person can be found in a workout class or the gym in winter and outdoors hiking, surfing, or running in summer. They’ll drink their Latte as a break between their fitness-filled activities, to give them that extra boost of energy.


Coffee talk: For a few years, the most popular coffee order in America was the latte. Cheers!


Our coffees are meant for all personality types–not everyone can fit into just one category. Stick to your favorite or try something new. You can sample all of our Playa Bowls coffee in store, anytime. 


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