What We’re Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Rob & Abby at the cart

What began as a small cart in Belmar, New Jersey has grown into a 130+ nationwide Playa Bowls community (we still can’t believe it ourselves, some days). And as Pineappleland continues to grow, so does our appreciation for those involved– from the person experiencing us for the first time to our store managers, and everyone in between. Yup, we sure do have a lot to be grateful for.


While we try and practice gratitude every day, we like to think of Thanksgiving as a time to list it all out, visualize our happiness, if you will. In 2021, with all that we’ve been through during the pandemic, the list was long. But fortunately we were able to narrow it down to our top three things.




As the great Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Playa Bowls is a community dedicated to being both happy and healthy, but there’s a reason for that– they’re connected! When our bodies are healthy we experience less pain and discomfort, which increases overall happiness. On the reverse, happy people tend to be less stressed or emotionally distressed, which can show up as physical symptoms. 


This year, we’re grateful for not only our health but the healthy ways we connect with others. Nothing brings us greater joy than hearing a customer tell us our Wellness Warrior is part of their weekly pick-me-up, because we’ve felt the benefits first hand. Our juices are the perfect way to get in those necessary nutrients on the go and cold pressed items pack in a punch to fight off seasonal sickness. 


Starting next week, and for the entire month of December and then some, we’re turning our gratitude into action by partnering with St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and promoting the health of children everywhere.




A year ago, in November 2020, we opened our 100th store. But thanks to the hustle and dedication of our team, and those who hopped on board during one of the most stressful years of our generation, we have grown by 30+ more! Our success all comes down to one thing: togetherness.


Each Playa Bowls location is part of an intricate, nationwide community. We come together over good food and positive vibes. Once social distancing mandates were lifted, and our doors could once again open, we saw a tidal wave of support as customers came flooding back in. And we’re grateful for each and every day they’ve continued to come back, and all the new faces we’ve seen.


The Little Things


At the end of the day, life is made up of all the little things. Waking up with a smile, going to bed in fresh sheets; seeing a friend, hearing from family; the warm sun, the cool breeze. It’s all those mini moments that create greater gratitude all year long. This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for each little thing that makes up our day (and all those leftovers for the week to come).


Oh, and deals!


This Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) as part of our appreciation, the first 20 customers in participating stores will get a $5 gift card. 


Then, after the weekend, on Cyber Monday (11/29) shop www.playabowls.com/shop and use code CYBERMONDAY for 30% off all things merch, all day long. But wait, there’s more! Spend $25+ and receive $5 off when you go to playabowls.com/order or order directly through our app on Cyber Monday (11/29). Just redeem the reward on your rewards tab at checkout.


And finally, our Cyber Monday DoorDash deal will last longer than your turkey hangover. Spend $25+ on DoorDash and get $5 off all week long from 11/24/21-11/30/21. Must be a DashPass customer. No promo code necessary. 


What better to show gratitude for those you love than by gifting them something they’ll love? 


As any good Southerner will remind you, the pineapple is a symbol for hospitality. So thank you all for making us your morning coffee spot, afternoon pick-me-up, and a place to enjoy your endless summer. We are grateful for the community you help us create and wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving surrounded by those who mean most to you.